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Kibbitznest Game Night ~ 5.30.19

Originally published on August 22, 2019 This past May, we had a game night get-together at Kibbitznest Books, Brews & Blarney in Lincoln Park. Kibbitznest is a book bar that emphasizes being low tech, not anti-tech. They don’t have WiFi and they encourage visitors to browse their collection of books, put away devices, and socialize …

Mental Health TurnUp ~ 3.31.19

Originally published on April 21, 2019 Recording artist Nikki Lynette has taken her music and mission to another level. Using her platform to advocate for mental health awareness, Lynette brings together another experience with A Mental Health Turn Up. A production sponsored by our very own NMV staff and SignOff, a startup that focuses on …

Spotlight ~ Staying Human in a Digital Age

Originally published on February 12, 2019 I wake up to the sound of the alarm on my phone. “Siri, play BBC Radio 6.” I sit at the breakfast table with my daughters, my wife, even myself — all on our phones. I leave the house, passing passersby who are all glued to their phones. On the …

Spotlight ~ Three Takeaways from SigningOff Abroad

Originally published on February 7, 2019. Simply put, I love to travel. The collection of stamps in my passport can attest to this passion. Despite my extensive travel record, I recently had a trip that was unlike any other. This past November, I spent a week in El Salvador building a home with and for …

What to expect from SignOff in 2019

Originally published on January 29, 2019. It has occurred to me in a flash of panic that some of our readers and followers might be laying ‘wake at night thinking, “What is SignOff even up to right now? What are they even going to be doing this year?”. All of you have had that experience, …