SignOff (get)Together ~ 11.18.18

Highlights from the Beta Release Event, our first official (get)Together

Originally published on December 18, 2018

Last month we got together in Chicago’s Fulton Market District with the intention of releasing the first version of our Beta Product to a small group of testers.

The goal was to get everyone in one place to dish out prototypes, discuss initial feedback, and respond to any testing questions from the group…

… the result was an outpouring of support and engagement that we never saw coming. From unexpected partnerships forming days beforehand to the mindful mob that gave us their Sunday evening, everyone involved made for a truly unforgettable experience.

For three hours on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, seventy-five people gave up their devices and offered their full attention to human connection, spirited discussion, and live music courtesy of The Hacky Turtles.

~ Click here for the full album captured by Jake Karmel ~

“Just being in a space with everyone fully present was awesome. It made it way more enjoyable and easy to meet new people.” 

~ JV

The feedback that has poured in since the event and now into our second phase of beta testing continues to guide our ambitions, but the more voices the better…

…to get involved and stay up to date on future events and test groups, feel free to reach out directly and/or join our mindful mailer!

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