What to expect from SignOff in 2019

Originally published on January 29, 2019.

It has occurred to me in a flash of panic that some of our readers and followers might be laying ‘wake at night thinking, “What is SignOff even up to right now? What are they even going to be doing this year?”. All of you have had that experience, probably. So I will fill you in right now.

We’re refocusing our website and our effort.

This website is our main communication device with the outside world, so we decided to take some of our own advice and relay our message with a bit more intention.

Our focus remains unchanged; we are still here to enable more mindful relationships with technology, but we’re done being so sneaky. We are excited to share that we plan on accomplishing our goal by creating physical, app-integrated solutions, and we are committed to keeping y’all updated along the way.

We will be (co-)hosting more events.

SignOff is coming to you (specifically for Chicago-dwellers who are feeling spontaneous). It’s too early to dish out any details, as partnerships and venues are still being worked out, but I think Spring might be a good time to SignOff & (get)Together. In the meantime, check out this incredible human-being.

We also plan to pop-up more informally in parks or at fairs around the city. Gotta get the word out!

We’re ‘bout to be slangin’ that ‘TENT! (Content, that is.)

I’m talking video. I’m talking audio. I’m talking guest posts from incredible perspectives and even experts. I’m talking branded deluxe canvas outdoor camping paraphernalia. Except not that last one, though it would be pretty sweet.

We will be crowdfunding, probably via Kickstarter.

This year, we launch. The website, the events, the content, are all in preparation for a big reveal. We’re still keeping some things secret, but I can say that it’ll be a product and an app… and we will hopefully and graciously ask for your money. Of course, it will be in exchange for the product itself, and/or a super-cool high five with a founder (at a concert).

If you’re interested in volunteering for events, contributing to the blog, or talking about Game of Thrones fan theories, please reach out.

See you in 2019! Stay tuned!

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