More About SignOff

Our Pursuit

To empower humanity towards a more intentional relationship with technology.

Our Promise

We are devoted to digital wellness and committed to questioning the way technology affects relationships ~ not just with each other, but with ourselves.

Our Plan

We will continue to cultivate awareness through education and open discussion ~ eagerly refining the design of our hardware and software solutions.

Our Place

We're proud to call Chicago home, where we curate phone-free experiences and empower local schools, businesses, and families through coaching and conversation.

Our Peeps


Andrew Montesantos

Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO)


Andrew spent 3+ years as an IT Consultant, assessing humans' control over technology before recognizing that his purpose was to do quite the opposite. He's a pretty happy guy, especially when he's with his family or within sight of some mountains ~ coincidentally two of the best times to SignOff.


Brad Baskin

Chief Engineer


Brad is an engineer, a product designer, and a generally silly fellow. He uses his five years of experience as a design engineer in the auto industry to bring SignOff's hardware and software solutions to life. Plus, when something new needs to get done fast Brad puts on a lot of hats to get it done quickly.

B.S., Management Information Systems

University of Montana

B.S.E., Mechanical Engineering

University of Michigan